Jessica Furrer Chau, Ph.D.


Contact:, (860) 967-5323



Ph.D. Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2009

M.S. Environmental Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2006

B.S. Mathematics, Muhlenberg College, 1999


Research Interests:

Microfluidics for microbial ecology applications: We are developing microfluidic trap arrays to link form, function, and molecular taxonomy on a single-cell basis.

Soil microbial ecology: Microbial community structure in soil is impacted by numerous physical, chemical, and biological factors. I focus on how the pore-scale hydrologic regime, mediated by the physical architecture of soil, impacts microbial interactions.

Vadose zone hydrology and pore-scale fluid modeling: Water flow in unsaturated soil is spatially and temporally dynamic. I use lattice Boltzmann modeling (LBM) to investigate and visualize pore-scale fluid behavior.

Other research interests: Groundwater modeling, groundwater storage as climate change indicator.



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Chau, J.F. and D. Or, 2006. Linking Drainage Front Morphology with Gaseous Diffusion in Unsaturated Porous Media- a Lattice Boltzmann Study, Physical Review E, 056304.

Chau, J.F., D. Or, and M.C. Sukop, 2005. Simulation of Gaseous Diffusion in Partially Saturated Porous Media Under Variable Gravity with Lattice Boltzmann Methods, Water Resources Research, 41, W08410.

Chau, J.F., A.C. Bagtzoglou, M. Willig, 2011. Bacterial Richness Assessed by T-RFLP Varies with Soil Texture, Environmental Forensics (accepted for publication).


Other interests: hiking, kayaking, knitting and other handicrafts, entertaining.